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Posted date : 22th August 2011
End date : 31st of August 2011
Lovely Blogger: Savvy Mode

Conditions to apply : 1. Be a Savvy Mode follower
2. Let me know if you are a fan of DVF
3. Open to all readers
4. Entry period: 8/22/2011 to 8/31/1022.
5. Share this giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter for extra entries. Please let me know how you shared.

Savvy Mode's message :
Good luck and have a wonderful day!!!! ~xoxo, SG

About the Giveway:
This giveaway if I have to term in just one word,I would call it DIVA GIVEAWAY!!The giveaway dress + $100 giftcard is absolutely amazing.I visited DFA'S Store, and was just glued to it for like an hour or so.Because their collection is so amazing.Thanks to Savvy Mode, that I got to know about this fashion brand as well.Firstly I mistook it to be DKNY :p but now I knw DFA..and it stands out alone indeed.I am in love with their shoes and bags and to die for accessories.This giveaway dress is just so great.And they have even taught us on how to use it for different times of the day and night.I mean never seen such mutli usuable dress before. :D

I am so glad they have come up with this amazing giveaway.And really looking forward to it.

Best of luck to all.And a big THANK YOU TO SAVVY MODE for bringing us such an awesome giveaway.Truly Delighted.Cannot wait for the results. :D


Posted date : 12th August 2011
End date : 1st of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: cutielippi

Conditions to apply : 1. You have to be a follower (via Google Friend Connect)
2. For an extra entry post about the giveaway on your blog (you can use the photos if you want)
3. Put your name and email adress in the comment-box and, if you posted about the giveaway, also your blog-address.

Cutiepie's message :
The giveaway is open internationally and ends on September 1st ^__^
The winner will be picked by!

Thanks for reading my blog, for following and for commenting!
It really means a lot to me 

About cutiepie's Giveaway:
It is just a cute lil goodie bag to grab on.I feel like a 2 year old child when I think about this giveaway goodie collection.So much pink and cute.So girlish and cute. *obsessed with the word cute*..It is a fruity collection I can say.Wid hints of berries,dash of mint,loads of yoghurt flavour,etc.Just absolutely amazing and wonderful.And all these flavours remind me of a bright summer!!Cool mint,colorful berries,chilled yoghurt.Wow totally amazing.And for all this I wanna thank you this girl by the name of cutiepie.What an amazing giveaway girl.Truley delightfull.I am so much excited for this giveaway

Hope really loves my entry no. and just stops over it. ^_^

Thanks alot for this giveaway Cutiepie.Fingers crossed.Wishing everyone BEST OF LUCK. :)
<3 you Cutiepie


Posted date : 24th August 2011
End date : 1st of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Lisa

Conditions to apply : 1.Leave your name and"Like" my Facebook Page 
2.Follow me on Twitter (+1 bonus entry)
3.Tweet about this Giveaway (+1 bonus entry)

About Lisa's Birthday Giveaway:
To ask an honest question...Do you really think any thing needs to be said about this giveaway?Isn't it a self speaker?I mean,the 1st time I saw this giveaway,I was actually wondering, that really someone can be so generous to giveaway such a lovely collection?That too on her birthday?Their is not a single thing in her giveaway collection that you will not drool on.The BRIGHT EMERALD TOUCH RING to the PINK STATEMENT NECKLACE and loads of other goodies!!And to top it all the beauty kit?I will either die drooling or I will faint.This giveaway is THE BEST i have come across till now.

Hats off to Lisa for being so so so so soooooooo generous to actually gift all this.And the way she has presented all this,it feels as if she took all this for her younger sister.

Gotta tell you this that LISA....YOU ARE THE CUTEST CREATURE ON EARTH!!

I have too enrolled in your giveaway competition and just HOPE to win it. ^_^

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 you Lisa


Posted date : 27th August 2011
End date : 2th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Abby

Conditions to win : 1) Follow Fashionablecollections with Bloglovin
2)Comment below that you've followed and leave your email address so she can contact you if you win

Abby's message:
I will be picking a winner on Friday, Sept 2nd. 


It is really earthy yet stylish.This giveaway gift is totally amazing for people like me who wear Large size clothes.Since It is a branded vest,I do not need to go more into the details of explaining the texture,the make and the compilation.It says it all.This vest will go amazing with lose pants,white top and sober metallic accessories *not too much though* (let the vest stand out alone as your biggest accesory.
Other than than all I can say is that Abby is listed among those rare people who are so generous enough to gift away amazing stuff to their followers.

Thanks alot for this giveaway Abby.Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing everyone BEST OF LUCK. :)

<3 you Abby


Posted date : 11th July 2011
End date : 15th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Bhumika

Conditions to win : 1) Follow her blog through GFC.
2) Leave your email id so that she can contact you.
3) Like her page on Facebook here. (2 points ) and share the post on facebook tagging 5 of your friends (3 points)
4) Follow her on Twitter @bhumika_t (2 points ) and tweet about this giveaway. (2 points )
5) Follow her blog on Networked Blogs here. (2 points )
6) Sign-up for New Love's e-mail updates (delivered via Feedburner) you actually have to Verify and Confirm the subscription in order to receive the extra entry. (5 points )
7) Post it on your side bar. (5 points )
8) Do a blog post about this giveaway...but it should not be a combined post of all giveaways..a separate blog post about this giveaway..and the blog should be a real one..and not one made just for giveaways.(7 points )
9) Refer your friends to participate in the giveaway who are not already followers of my  blog..and you can get more entries..your friend has to mention your name in the can refer upto 10 of your friends..each friend who joins gets you 2 if 10 of your friends have joined in and are referred by get 20 more entries.

Bhumika's message : 
You can get a total of 49 entries if you do everything !! Remember its international and ends on 15th September..

About the Beauty Kit :
Well it is a simple yet cute beauty kit she has created.All the products give you a girly feeling which is ideal for the girls who love pink color.I think the best product in this kit is the Lotus Herbals Color Marvel Nail Paint in Beige Golden shade.It is perfect for the Indian skin *like mine* and blends in well.

And I would also like to congratulate her on her 250 followers success.She deserves this,and so now she is treating her followers with this beautiful giveaway.A nice and generous way of saying thank you to them. :)

Thank you for this giveaway Bhumika I have also enrolled and keeping my fingers crossed hoping to win. ^-*

<3 you Bhumika

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Posted date : 26st August 2011
End date : 3th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Sunshine
Conditions to win : 1.Visit Tania's shop (link above) and take a look around, then come
back here and tell me what your favorite item(s) is.
2. Heart Tania's Shop
3.Add Tania's shop to your etsy circle
4.Follow Tania's blog here.
5.Follow Sunshine's  blog here.
6.Purchase any item from Tania's shop(optional)

Sunshine's message:
Please do each comment separately
~Please leave your contact info (Etsy shop name or e-mail) in at least
1 comment.
If you would rather not have your person info published, just leave me a
comment with your contact info in it and ask me to not publish it.
The comment will be deleted once the giveaway ends.

Giveaway will end September 3 at noon Central Time.
The winner will be picked via and announced within
a day or two.

Have fun entering!

About the earings:
They are absolutely amazing.The 1st thing which comes to my mind seeing them is the fragrance of lillies.They look amazing.And the best part being they are so simple yet look so elegant.They will look perfect on a sunday way with a crisp white sun dress.The flower touch looks so feminine and to be honest I have never seen anything made like this before.And the best part being the way they hang upside down on your ear lobes,the amazing thought put in implementing them.You won't have to flash them to let others know what they really are,but they will stand out on their own.And the plus point the beads at the tip of the flowers,I can imagine when the light will fall on them,how well they will illuminate.^_^

Best of luck to all the people.I am damn sure whomsoever will win this, will look amazing wearing those earinngs.

<3 you Sunshine + Tania for such a lovely giveaway!! :)


Posted date : 21st August 2011
End date : 24th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: EcoBeauty

Conditions to win : 1. MUST be a follower of EcoBeautySecrets on Facebook.
2. MUST  ’like’ the giveaway poster HERE. ^^
3.MUST leave a comment below stating your Facebook name (so she can check). Please share what you want to read or see on in the future! ^_^ That would make her smile big time!
4.If you want an additional entry, simply follow Eco Beauty Secrets via email through HERE. Please don’t forget to confirm your subscription. 

Ecobeauty's message : 
This giveaway will run until September 24, 2011 10:30 PM (SST) and is open to ALL readers of (international). Winner will be chosen by If the winner fails to reply to the notification email within 3 days, another winner will be chosen. Thanks for joining and best of luck! ^_^

About the Eco Beauty Kit:
Do I really need to say anything about it?I mean it is like a divine spa in itself.If I happen to lay my hands on this kit I will surely just float in heaven using its products.1stly its a HUGE PACKAGE!! 2nd it is all ECO-FRIENDLY.
It is from both sides a big win win.And the best part being it is open to all INTERNAITONAL People as well.I am totally drooling over this package and just just just wish to win it.This Kit is an ultimate feast for you!You will actually find ways and excuses to use these products to pamper yourself.Truley amazing.A BIG thank you to the giveaway people.

Best of luck to all the competitors and I hope to win just like others.Just not  CANNOT keep away from drooling over it. ^_^

ECOBEAUTY you are the BEST!!


Prize Set 1
Prize Set 2
Posted date : 2nd August 2011
End date : 2th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Harshleen

Conditions to win : 1. To enter the giveaway, you must be a public follower of her blog via Google Friend connect  OR  Like BeautyTidbits on Facebook ((if you aren’t a follower you can sign up through Google or Facebook – signups are on the right sidebar)
2. Leave a comment below with your follower name and email so that she can contact you if you’re the winner. If you don’t want to leave it publicly, you can email it to her by hitting the Contact Me button on the right hand side of her blog.
3.Giveaway is open internationally.
4.You must be 18 years or older to enter this giveaway or have your parents permission. You will be asked to give your name and address to ship the prize in case you win.
5.Follow her on twitter @Beauty_tidbits  (Twitter follow link is also on the sidebar) (1 entry)
6.Post this giveaway in the sidebar of your blog with a picture and direct link. Make sure to include the link to your blog in the comment section below so that she can check. (2 entries)
7.Tweet this message about her giveaway – Enter @Beauty_tidbits 200+ followers giveaway to win Murad skincare prize packs! (1 entry)

Harshleen's message : 
I will pick two winners from all qualified entries through and notify the winners by 4th September. Once notified, the winners will have 48 hours to respond or else another winner will be chosen.
Thanks for reading and Good luck everyone!

About Prize No.1:
  • Murad Complete Skin Renewal kit (a $42.50 value) This set consists of a Refreshing Cleanser, Compete Reform with glyco-firming complex, Perfecting day cream Spf 30 and Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream
  • Murad acne Treatment concealer Dark (a $21 value)
  • Murad Soothing Skin Lip and cuticle care (a $16 value)
  • Marie Veronique Organics moisturizing face screen in Light (sample size)
  • Annmarie Gianni skincare Purifying Mud mask (sample size)
  • Skincare sample sachets from Amore pacific and Revive
I think this is the best gift package anyone can either gift to their mother's *those who do not need these products right now*.And also the perfect kit for any health and self conscious lady.Its already a treat to the eyes.What more can one say about it?The Mud mask is something I would like to try my hands on.And the cuticle care is something which will come in handy to I think every teenage girl.Right?Its an absolutely amazing hamper and anyone would love to win it. :D

About Prize No. 2 :
  • Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Acne and Shine Control (a $35 value)
  • Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15 (a $38 value)
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara (sample size)
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (sample size)
  • Annmarie Gianni Skincare Ayurvedic facial scrub (sample size)
  • Skincare sample sachets from YBF skincare

I can say this is a mini version of the BIG PRIZE!!But this is no less.It can be best travel kit.I would really like to drool over the Giorgio Armani Mascara.My god!! psst: Mascara looks awsome on Indian females like me ^_^. The Ayurvedic facial scrub looks promising to me.

As per Harshleen the winner will be picked via random lottery picker.So we all need loads of luck for the same.So Tons of Luck to all.And hope to win. :D

<3 you Harshleen


Mother-Daughter Brooch Set
                           Posted date : 24th August 2011
                           End date : 30th of August 2011
                         Lovely Blogger: Sonya

Conditions to win : 1. Heart OnePerfectDay on etsy and post a comment saying that you did - 1 entry
2. Follow Gia's blog, OnePerfectDay - 1 entry
3.Follow Kanelstrand Organic Living (the Google Friend Connect widget on the right) - 1 entry     
4. Add One Perfect Day Shop as a friend on Facebook and leave a comment here (If you already are a friend, just say so in the comments) - 1 entry
5.Follow OnePerfectDayS on twitter (leave a comment) - 1 entry
6. Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment here - 1 entry - You can use my tweet if you like:Win a #unique mother-daughter brooch set worth $50 by @OnePerfectDayS #giveaway @kanelstrand!

  • It is possible to have up to 6 entries.
  • You must leave a way for me to contact you if you win (have your email address listed in your profile, post your email address with your comment, email me or convo me in etsy).
  • The deadline to enter is Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 23:00 CET.
  • This giveaway is open Worldwide! 

Sonya's message :
Comment date stamps must be recorded by 23:00 CET on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 to be eligible. The winner's name will be drawn via and will be announced shortly after in this post, so make sure you check back to see if you won! 

About the Mother-Daughter Brooch:
It is an amazing yet delicate brooch set.And what a theme of having Mother-Daughter set?One for your mom and one for you.Can anything get cuter than this? ^_^ It will go soo well with a long floral print dress or even a white or plain colored top.I think it is best for gifting your mother as well.When it is like my mom whose birthday is in coming month that is on 8th of september.
Sonya has decided a fair *yet trickey* way of deciding on the winner.She will take help of a random no. gainer site which will provide the no. to you.Its like a lottery.Well I think it is a fair play.

Loads of Luck to all as it is all on your luck ^_^...I wish for the same AMEN

<3 you Sonya and thank you for the give away.


Posted date : 21st August 2011
End date : 4th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Kylie

Conditions to win : 1. Leave a lovely comment!
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog.(optional)

Kylie's message : 
You could also become a follower for another entry!  I love lovely crafty friends!
Giveaway closes on the 4th of September, which incidentally is Fathers Day.  Maybe I should have made this bag out of manly fabrics! 
PS:  Open to all (on Earth!)

About the Bag:
The 1st amazing thing about this bag is that "IT HAS BEEN HANDMADE". I mean, if I happen to create something by my own hands and hardwork,I will know myself how much love and efforts I have put in creating this bag.This is something which in itself makes this bag stand out in the crowd to be awarded as being "PRECIOUS".
The talent behind this production by KYLIE  indeed has an eye for talent.If you look at the bag It looks absolutely professional.And by the feel of it to my eyes I can make out that the fabrics used to make this are silky and smooth.Would just love to carry it out on a sunday hang out with friends.
And the biggest plust point about this bag is that it is "UNIQUE". It is one of a kind,handmade, and only piece created,which makes the owner having a say *limited edition* bag.^_^ Isn't it just wonderful?

Thank you so much for your great giveaway and I am damn sure,just like me others are also praising this amazing creation of yours.Hats off to you lady!!

With that said,I would like to wish all others as well a BEST OF LUCK!Along with me!!Hope to win. ^_^

Thank you<3

Monday, 29 August 2011


Giant Turquoise Teardrop and 14k Gold Statement Necklace - Close to my (Southwest) Heart

Under a Dazzling Spell - Signature Sexy Gold Hoops with Dangling Crystals

Posted date : 4th August 2011
End date : 2st of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: The Giveaway Diva
Sponsored by:Sonja

Conditions to win : 1. Fill out the form here
2.Can comment from here as well
3.Can fill the form multiple times

Carlinn's message : 
There will be two lucky winners! One winner will win the The Close to my (Southwest) Heart valued at $32.00 and the other winner will win the Under A Dazzling Spell Hoops valued at $22.00 The total value of this giveaway is $54.00! 
This giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you may live and will end on September 2nd 

About the Turquoise Necklace:
This necklace is a masterpiece in itself.It should be worn with a plain tee or plain pastel dress,to make it stand out.If one looks at the necklace,one can surely feel a hint of "SEA" A very soothing yet royal color.I think maximum girls love this color as it is my favorite too.:)
         About the Dangling Lopps:
They give me a bohemian feel.It will really go well with earthy shades be it a dress,a top or anything.It will really look best with a summer dress along with earthy wedges.They look amazing and delicate yet will stand out since they are large and easily visible.And the best part is the hint of baby pink color at the tip.We can team it up with a soothing pink dress(not dark or loud).Amazing gold touch.

Best of luck to all.Whomesoever will win this,will surely be pretty lucky.
Fingres crossed!! :D

Thank you and <3