Thursday, 29 September 2011

Giveaway Ends on 1st Of October 2011

Blogger : Kat
Starting Date : 6st September 2011
End Date : 1st Ocbtoer 2011

                                                           ♥ Elf Lipstain in Bombshell
♥ Goldie Nail polish in Hot Pink                                     
   ♥ Elf Nail polish in Bubblegum Pink                                
         Spa Resource  body butter in  Mango                     
  NYX  Ultra Pearl in Lilac Pearl                                    
     ♥ NYX Ultra Pearl in Walnut Pearl                                  
 ♥ And a cute Paris Journal 

Direct Link to her Giveaway : here

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Posted date : 5th September 2011
End date : 5th of October 2011
Lovely Blogger: JC

On the occassion of her birthday JC is having an enormous GIVEAWAY...*To die for*...

Everyone should enroll ^_^

For more information and to participate please click on the photo above.

Best of luck everyone..

And fingers crossed my end ^_^

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Posted date : 2nd September 2011
End date : 24th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Kristel

Conditions to apply : 1.ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY 
(If you are younger than 18, please have parental consent)
2.Follow my blog publicly via GFC
3.Post my giveaway banner on your blog
4.Post my giveaway banner on your sidebar along with a link to my blog (add a link to my blog or make my banner as a link)
5.Leave a comment below with:
GFC Name:
First Name:
Email Address:
Link to post of my banner on your blog:
Link to my banner on your sidebar:

Kristel's message :
 If the winner of any of the prizes does not have all the requirements and does not respond to my email to notify them of their winning within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen. 

About the giveaway : 
It is a huge *no doubt* giveaway.And anyone who loves cosmetics will be simply drooling over the amount and type of giveaway items she has put together.It shows purely how much effort she has put up in bringing up such a wonderful giveaway.It is utter generosity of Kristel for thanking her followers in such an amazing way.The cosmetics are totally to drool on.I ask anyone who reads this to go ahead and surely enroll for the giveaway.Who knows you might be the winner ;)

Thanks alot Kristel for such a wonderfull giveaway.Just totally awestruck. ^_^

<3 u Kristel

Friday, 2 September 2011


Posted date : 31st August 2011
End date : 15th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Krystal

Conditions to apply : 1. There are several ways to enter this giveaway, which are all listed in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Krystal's message : 
You only need to do minimal one of the task to enter but the more the better. Some of the task are worth 2 or more entries so it’s important you do as much as you can.
You can do the “Tweet About the Giveaway” task once a day.

About the Pendant :
It is a very cute tiny giveaway.The pendant seems very cute and elegant.It is minimal which makes it work for most of the occassions.If I look at the pendant it seems like a small rose bud sleeping ready to be awakened into a fully blossomed rose.This rose bud sort of appearance of this pendant makes it look more beautiful.It can go with any dress and simply any color.Best part being it can be worn in any ocassion be it work,party,hangout or just a local visit to the mart.Anyhow you can wear it all day long and even wear it daily.It will just add charm to one's appearance.A wonderful creation and that is why a wonderful giveaway too.

Thank you Krystal for such a cute giveaway.Fingers crossed for the same wishing luck to all of us. ^_^
<3 you Krystal


Posted date : 31st August 2011
End date : 9th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: Jen

Conditions to apply : 1. visit Flora Bond and leave a comment below letting us know which other item you love. 
2.Leave a comment on another Summer Fashion Series post
3."Like" Flora Bond on Facebook
4.Follow Flora Bond on Twitter
5.Follow Flora Bond's blog 
6.Follow Haute Whimsy via RSS or Google Friend Connect 
7.Follow Haute Whimsy on Twitter
8."Like" Haute Whimsy on Facebook
9.Post about this giveaway on Facebook (leave a link of proof- once daily)
10.Tweet about this giveaway (leave a link of proof- once daily)
11.Blog about this giveaway (leave a link of proof- once)

Jen's message : 
Flora Bond have generously offered a silken vintage necklace (pictured above- comes in pink, berry, yellow, or black) to one very lucky reader!

About the Giveaway : 
It is the prettiest thing I have ever come across.This neckpiece is so cute.It really makes me remember barbie dolls, kitty, fairy tales and all the girly fantasy land we use to live in as kids.And this is connected to Marriage which is merrier.It is so beautiful and delicate that if worn with a simple crisp white wedding dress...WOW!! I can imagine what combination will come out.And the win win situation here is the colour of the neckpiece.Pink and hints of red which is also the color tone of INDIAN WEDDING DRESS.Which makes it even merrier for Indian people like me. ^_^
And not only that, but this neckpiece can be worn even on  a simple lacy dress or top when you going on an eveneing party or hangout.Just amazing giveaway and really look forward to adding somehting like this to my wardrobe.Totally adorable

Thanks alot JEN and FLORAL BONDS for sucha beautiful giveaway ^_^

<3 you Jen for bringing it to us

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Posted date : 1st August 2011
End date : 15th of September 2011
Lovely Blogger: vaidadesevariedades

Conditions to apply : 1. Complete the registration form here
2.Spreading the draw on Twitter (disclosure phrase: "I want to win a Cleansing & Polishing of Tool @ Sigma_Beauty that the blog is raffling Vanities & Variety: http:// ")
3.Right to an additional participation. - Spreading the draw to your blog or Facebook

vaidadesevariedades's message :
The right to two additional shares . For each additional participation, the participant will repopulate the application form and provide the link to the disclosure.

About the Giveaway:
It is just WOW!What an amazing giveaway vaidadesevariedades and Sigma Beauty have come up with. Truly amazing.Just looking at the product makes me drool and feel relaxed.Wonder how soothing it will be when used.It is a clear indication of relaxation and feeling nirvana.LOL.But would really appreciate their product a lot.I think it is the best any girl in the world wants,to relax her intense beauty regime.What more can anyone ask for? ^_^ 

Thanks alot Sigma for such a nice giveaway.Even If I am not able to win I would really like to lay my hands on this amazing product.

<3 Sigma Beauty